Catagunya Dam Refurbishment

Catagunya is located in the highlands of Tasmania near the Derwent Valley. This bridge was a 3 span bridge on concrete piers and abutments incorporating a steel deck. The job required the use of 2 4wd articulated dump trucks to bring in the concrete abutments. The use all-terrain vehicles including all-terrain cranes were needed due to the limited space and accessibility, the ground was rough, steep and soft, with lots of thick vegetation.

Quick Facts

  • A 50-year old dam being refurbished at a cost of $38 million
  • Injecting over $15 million into the Tasmanian economy through the use of local contractors and suppliers
  • 25-30 people employed on the project
  • Local contractors employed to build bridges, pour concrete and supply site cranes
  • Specialist contractors from Victoria and NSW employed for drilling and anchor installation
  • 92 anchors being inserted into the dam
  • Anchors 350 mm in diameter with a holding force of 1700 tonnes, the weight of nearly 1000 cars, are the largest anchors in the world
  • Each anchor is made from 91 strands of high tensile steel wire
  • Holes drilled up to 75 metres deep through the dam in the rock below
  • A cement and water grout is pumped into the holes and when set will hold each anchor in place
  • Cables encased in grease-filled sheaths within a larger plastic pipe to protect from corrosion
  • Two large temporary bridges have been constructed to provide access to the face of the dam along with a bridge across the Derwent River
  • Project completion mid-2010.